A career at Zetland offers challenge and growth every day

The Zetland Way

We don’t just hire people who have taken the well-trodden path to Private Equity, we are interested in all experiences. Meaning, we are a team of different nationalities and backgrounds; ranging from racing drivers to architects. Hiring a diverse team isn’t a check the box exercise, it’s something we know makes our company stronger and enables us, as investors, to see the world through a wide-ranging lens.

We work hard to create a culture where people can thrive; an environment where everyone has a voice to share and challenge one another, to collaborate and have fun along the way, and ultimately, to make the right decisions at the right times for our investors.

We are passionate about hiring and retaining the best talent, and when we do have open positions, are rigorous in selecting people that bring energy and enthusiasm into the team.

Work Experiences

Zetland is committed to talent development. We are sponsors of Level20 and SEO, actively supporting these organisations with internships, analyst positions and our own insights for those looking to move into Private Equity. We’ve collected stories from some of our WorkX, Internship and Intern-Scholar alumni.

See below for the most recent career opportunities at Zetland Capital.


We are always keen to hear from talented people interested in joining our team. Please see some of our current open positions, however, if you don’t see a role that immediately matches with your skills and experience, please send your details to careers@zetlandcapital.com and we’d love to hear from you.

Work Experiences (WorkX)

At Zetland we recognise it’s rare that one knows for sure the career path they’ll take and that private equity is really what they want. We’ve always supported young emerging professionals in their exploration and design a bespoke experience based on meeting the individual where they are at. We aim to demystify what we do and how we do it through transparency, access and exposure. WorkX can range from 2-6 weeks. You must be over 18-years of age and an enrolled student or on a gap year.

Applications for summer 2023 Work Experience are now closed.

Intern Scholar

Our first Intern-Scholar program began in 2018 when a young barista asked a founding partner of Zetland for a business card, saying that she would like to have a career in private equity. Together we crafted our program to suit the needs of a hard working, bright student that was also working their way through university.

Every year, we take on an Intern that exemplifies our values of excellence, hard work, curiosity and good values. The program allows the student to work part-time during term time whilst studying, full-time during holidays and appropriate time off during exam periods.

Applications for 2023 Intern Scholar opportunities are now closed.


We are always looking for committed, driven and intellectually curious young professionals, even straight out of undergraduate university. At Zetland we offer a unique Analyst program that gives you exposure to different aspects of Private Equity. This means we can grow our own talent, bringing in smart, motivated people at the start of their careers from a diverse range of backgrounds.

An Intern-Analyst will have exposure to initiatives across Investments, Business Development and Operations or Strategy. Some may also play a critical role in one of our corporate investments. Training, mentorship and a development plan is fundamental. As a smaller firm, a two-way fit is essential. Hence, we’ve structured our program to allow for a 3-6 month Internship period prior to taking on the longer journey as an Analyst.

Applications for 2023 Intern-to-Analyst opportunities are now closed.

Experienced Candidates

Zetland is a mid-market, dynamic and growing firm. We are keen for professionals with relevant experience to apply.

Investments Associate: 2yrs minimum investment banking, credit analysis or buy-side investment experience. Must have strong technical skills and a willingness to learn across a variety of industries, asset-classes and markets. European languages are a plus.

Operations Fund Associate: We are looking for experienced fund associate for our Traded credit activity. You must have 4+ years of relevant experience. Accounting qualifications a plus.

Fund Reporting: We are looking for an experienced portfolio analyst with 4+ years of relevant experience to work with teams across Zetland and our Fund level SPVs, bringing together the statutory and financial reporting for our funds and across investments. Ability to collaborate with different teams, communicate to senior leadership and the discipline to drive results in a timely manner is essential.

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