Investing In European
Mid-Market Special Situations

Our Approach

Zetland focuses on mid-market special situations and deep value opportunities across Europe. We strategically invest across multiple industries, security types and asset classes, pursuing an investment approach that integrates closely with management teams and operating partners, to drive growth and value at every stage.

Our style is very hands-on and collaborative, delivering operational transformation via a wide-ranging toolkit of solutions including growth capex, financial restructurings, and strategic realignment.

We act as stewards of capital for our investors, who are seeking an all-weather, all-cycle strategy. Our investment approach offers downside protection, whilst delivering upside returns and access to opportunities that create value where others may have overlooked.

Our Stakeholders

To create consistent returns and value to our investors under any market conditions, through careful and responsible management of their capital.

We identify situations where our unique skillset and flexible capital can bring about better outcomes for businesses, asset owners, and the wider community.

At Zetland we are not all the same. That is our greatest strength. We draw on our differences in who we are, what we have experienced, and how we think. We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our company stronger.

Our Principles

At Zetland’s heart, sit a set of key principles that guide every decision we make. These values are far more than arbitrary guidelines, they embody our culture, inspire our mindset, and inform our choices.

They also act as goals, part of our growth and we see each one as an ever-moving target to work towards, rather than a space to settle into.

Excellence and Accountability

We take pride in rolling up our sleeves to deliver rigorous analysis that drives consistently outstanding results.

Innovation and Agility

We lean into opportunities that others may miss. Our team thrives in challenging and time-sensitive conditions, offering innovative solutions and flexible capital.

Challenge and Collaborate

We are not afraid to be curious; asking the difficult questions and coming together to answer them. We share knowledge and analysis across our whole team and take the collegiate approach of thrashing out ideas around a collective table.

Diversity and Inclusivity

We believe in a diverse workplace. Not simply as a worthy goal, but because we know that diversity, in all facets, builds better teams, fuels stronger decisions, and delivers higher performance.

Integrity and Impact

We recognise the responsibility that comes with financial stewardship, and the opportunity it presents for change. We aim to make a positive impact and bring about better outcomes for businesses, asset owners and the wider community.