Vanessa Lin


Vanessa joined as a full-time Investment Analyst in March 2023 after successful completion of the Intern-Analyst program. Amongst other things, Vanessa works on real estate, private corporate and traded credit opportunities.

Prior to joining Zetland, Vanessa has gained valuable insights into the financial services industry through various internships including Real Estate Private Equity at Heitman, Infrastructure Private Equity at DigitalBridge and Investment Banking (M&A) at Credit Suisse.

Vanessa holds a MSc in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a BSc in Accounting, Business Finance and Management from the University of York.

Living our Values

‘Being German born Chinese and having moved to the UK by myself as a teenager, I have always carried independence, relentless curiosity, and the willingness to take an unconventional path with me in my suitcase.
The constant changes early on in my life taught me to be comfortable with the unknown and to thrive in unpredictable environments throughout my educational and work experiences.
One key pillar of Zetland’s culture is the constant pivoting and innovating which helps us select opportunities throughout all market phases that others might miss. Zetland’s encouragement to voice your ideas freely and to swim against the tide has created a stimulating workplace.’