Vinesh Khemchandani

Compliance Associate

Vinesh Khemchandani is a Compliance Associate at Zetland and works closely with the General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer on the Firm’s Compliance tasks, including KYC & AML processes. He joined Zetland in 2023.

Prior to joining Zetland, he worked for Albacore Capital Group as a Compliance Associate having previously interned with Tikehau Capital.

Vinesh received his BSc (Honours) in International Business from the University of Roehampton with a specialization in Business Finance from the EU Business School.

Living our Values

‘My passion for sports has always been a cornerstone of my identity, propelling me towards a career as a professional horse rider specializing in show jumping and tent-pegging. These pursuits instilled in me the invaluable lesson of unwavering focus – a quality that continues to shape my approach to daily tasks.

Moving from Mumbai to Munich for university, followed by stints in Paris and London, has not only exposed me to diverse cultures but also given me the opportunity to learn by navigating new and challenging environments.

For me, Zetland represents the pinnacle of alignment, where my experiences and values meld seamlessly with the firm’s core values and approach.’