Shaziea Dominique

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Shaziea is an Executive Assistant and Office Manager at Zetland. She was part of the early formation of the team in 2017, leading by example the culture and values of the firm.
Prior to joining Zetland Shaziea worked within Private Equity and Commercial Property Investment where she grew her ad-hoc experience.

Living our Values

‘As a family oriented person that wears my heart on my sleeve, I have adapted these traits in to my work life at Zetland. Especially in the early years, I saw my role as contributing to and supporting our Zetland family. We are more than a firm, we have each others backs and pitch in wherever needed. Living our values is easy at Zetland, it starts from the top and every new hire is measured against a high bar of character and kindness. It doesn’t mean we aren’t tough, we work at pace and keep our standards high, but Zetland is a place where you can be yourself and gain strength from your peers.’