Klaus Svendsen

Managing Director, Investor Relations

Klaus is Zetland’s Head of Investor Relations and joined the Firm in 2023. Klaus has over 25 years of experience across financials services, including derivatives and credit structuring/underwriting roles within investment banks, and fundraising and investor relations roles at leading asset management firms. Prior to joining Zetland, Klaus was Managing Director of Client and Capital Formation at Arrow Global. Before that, he spent two years as European Head of Investor Relations and Capital Raising at Starwood, having previously co-headed Alcentra’s European Investor Relations team. His career also includes prior roles with Ashmore Emerging Markets, RBS, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Klaus received a BSc in Economics and Management from Copenhagen Business School.

Living our Values

‘I believe exploring new opportunities and ways of working are key to being a more effective team and a more effective leader. Like in team sports which I have enjoyed for many years, at Zetland, no individual is bigger than the team and results are achieved as a unit. We enjoy the opportunity to pursue new avenues and push boundaries. Investing in each other’s development and experiences is how we can build a stronger team which translates into greater success individually, for the Zetland team and most certainly for all our partners.’