Harvey Ark

Finance and Operations Analyst

Harvey is a Finance and Operations Analyst who joined Zetland in August 2021, his main role is to work closely with the Director of Finance on the accounts and internal processes of Zetland Capital. In addition to this Harvey also runs our Zetland social media accounts. Prior to Zetland, he worked for Ocean Partners UK Ltd as an Accounts Assistant, where he performed monthly and year end banking and reporting activities, bookkeeping, and worked in internal Audit. Prior to that, Harvey interned at Accenture and Coca-Cola where he focused on risk management and Tax.  Harvey received his BSc (Hons) Finance from Swansea University.

Living our Values

‘As a young aspiring cricketer, I learned early the value of working as a team to be successful.  It was invaluable to learn that by putting in the hours and investing in myself I could make the impact that I wanted alongside my teammates. Therefore, when I joined Zetland, the value that resonated with me the most was integrity and impact; the idea that by working hard we can achieve our desired outcomes and make a real difference in an organised and disciplined way.’