Amy Kooner

Director of Finance

Amy joined Zetland as Director of Finance in 2023, bringing with her over 8 years of pre-Zetland experience in audit and assessing internal controls as well as management, statutory, and regulatory reporting. She obtained this experience within the financial services industry in both Canada and the UK. Prior to Zetland, she worked at ICG where her role included all aspects of internal, external, and regulatory reporting requirements. Most recently, Amy worked at Bridgepoint where she obtained extensive experience in budgeting and forecasting.

She received her Bachelors of Business Administration degree with a concentration in accounting at Simon Fraser University and is a CPA having qualified at PricewaterhouseCoopers within the Audit and Assurance Group in Vancouver, Canada.

Living our Values

‘I emigrated from England to Vancouver, British Columbia at a young age with my parents and older sister. It was my parents’ dream to move to Canada, but without any extended family or friends around, the transition was difficult. This was especially true for my parents who had to build their careers in a new country from scratch. I watched how hard they would relentlessly work while continuing to be present, supportive, and loving figures in both their children’s lives. This taught me the importance of hard work, adaptability and agility in all situations. Being in a new country at a young age as well as moving back to the UK later in life taught me to be curious about all that I can learn during these experiences and to truly embrace the power of a diverse background. Zetland embodies many of these values that resonate with me personally and professionally. I aim to incorporate these values every day into my role at Zetland.’