Marie-Andréa Huot


Marie-Andréa originally joined Zetland as an off-cycle intern in spring 2021 while studying for her master’s degree. Following the internship, she secured a place for the Zetland Intern-Analyst program which she started in spring 2022. Marie-Andréa became a full-time Analyst in August 2022.

Marie-Andréa holds a MSc International Financial Management from the University of Surrey and a BSc in International Business Administration from Montpellier Business School (Montpelier, France).

Living our Values

‘Having been independent from a young age, I overcame personal challenges which allowed me to become more agile and confident. These values have followed me throughout my education and into my career at Zetland. I believe Zetland has created a unique and collaborative work atmosphere with a focus on people. Developing strong skillsets in a stimulating environment reminds me of my athletic chapter back in boarding school; as my coach use to say, “learning and commitment are the start of great success”.’